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    Glayva, tell me what’s your flayva!

    Earlier on today, I received a lovely little package from this gentleman. He came bearing a gift of alcohol it so turned out to be!

    As you may of known I entered this years YCN student awards, I chose the Whyte & Mackay brief in which I was thrilled to win. But that wasn’t all it turned out to be, the lovely people at Glayva also had a little treat install. Correct me if I’m wrong but I do think they have sent out a bottle of Glayva to all the people who entered that brief as a thank you.

    What a lovely brand they are! (I’m not just saying this because I won)

    Along with the bottle, a nice letter ‘wishing you every success with your future career’.

    I want to give these guys a hug for their generosity. Haha

    Anyway here’s a few snaps of what I got:

    If you want to have a look at my Glayva work just click here.

    Cheers to you Glyava! I’m off to have a few drinks (smiley face).

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    The Newest of New Blood!

    As you’re reading now New Blood 2011 is upon us.

    … and If don’t know what that is, New Blood showcases the best graduates in graphic design, visual communication, advertising, digital media, illustration, photography and other commercial creative arts — all in one place.

    And I was luckily enough not only to visit it but be an exhibitor. Lincoln University is one of many Universities that have a stall at this fantastic event, showcasing our brightest stars hopefully making that step of getting the ‘foot in the door’ a little bit easier.

    Newblood is spread over four days, you have the set up and private viewing on the Thursday and then it’s open to the public Saturday to Monday and our lucky ambassadors for the Thursday night were Jake Townsend and Jennie Plant.

    Sooo any good?

    Hell yeah! Everything seems like it’s designed and placed there for a reason. You can always tell you’re at a D&AD event with that iconic yellow splashed around the place, but that’s something I can comfortably deal with.

    Thursday was an interested morning, arrived at about 10 to help set up our stall, actually I say 10 but we ended getting there for like 12. Once we had registered we received our wrist bands, maps and a little book on the New Blood events.

    It was quite funny walking in, all the universities scurrying around quickly setting up there stalls it’s safe to say the whole place was buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

    To our surprise when we arrived our stall was fully set up and ready to go!

    I believe our stall was quiet unique in the sense that we had use our boards with full bleed images rather than having a scatter of projects dotted around the stall. But then we have other Universities who went all out. Some over the top but some having the perfect balance to show off their students, I guess they just had a bit more investment. The only major thing I felt we lacked was something that we could give out to the masses, maybe a personal publication of our work or some clever way of making our presence known outside the festival.

    As we know by now New Blood is all about showcasing new talent and to advocate that they have judges that go around each stall picking out projects that they think stand out form the rest. Lincoln of course had a bite of that action, being in mind we do have the BEST design student is the UK.

    So a big congratulations to Jennie Plant for receiving such an award. She was apart of a small group of students that received ‘Best in show 2011’ for her delightful newspaper about the royal wedding.

    That lead to us getting a cool little arrow that was put above our stall letting people know we’re awesome.

    The day was capped off with the private viewing and a few well deserved alcoholic beverages.

    So is that it?

    Not at all.

    Throughout the event you have creative industries from around the UK giving out talks to hep us new generation of designers out. Starting on Thursday running right the way through until the Monday and of course I had to dabble in this.

    I booked a talk with the UK’s most awarded brand consultancy The Partners. A talk that Jack Renwick, creative director, went through what’s it ‘really’ like being a designer, what the Partners look for in a new recruit, and how to get your foot in the door.

    I thought the talk was brilliant and very insightful, it got me pumped to just get out there! Plus having such a gorgeous studio helps. Adding to this I would just like to say good look to Ric Gravina who has a placement there. #hopingforthebestLAD

    Design or Die

    I found this clever little bit of design just out side there studio, it made me ‘lol’.

    Finish this up then Taran…

    Well just a quick round up then, I would 100% recommend going to this even if your not a designer as its full of just cool things and new experiences your just not shown to every day. Plus you never know what you’re going to find there!

    The exhibition is still on by the way!

    I suggest you get your self down there… It finishes up on Monday and it’s totally FREE to go. Find out all the details here and don’t forget to go to stall 48!


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    All the way to London for a piece of paper and a bottle of Bud.

    (Click the title for a larger view)

    Well it’s been an eventful few days… If you didn’t know it already, it was the annual ISTD awards this Friday in which I had the pleasure of attending. This year the ISTD awards were held at the Design Museum in London and after overlooking the whole trip, it was a nightmare to get to!

    Kicking off the start of the day I arrived in London around 20 past 11 to the lovely pleasure of Anna Sangha waiting out side the carriage door (we took the same train and because were so lazy we couldn’t be arsed to go find one another so we could sit together). Pumped and ready for my interviews after vigorously going over my projects in detail in my head during the whole train journey, I set of from St Pancras… hailed a cab and off I went.

    The first Interview I believed went well, lovely studio and the guy seemed like a top bloke. Had the interview for about half an hour to 45 mins.  #hopeful

    Second Interview after running around Grays Inn road for about 20 mins I finally reached it. I had two gentlemen interview me and they were just as delightful as my first interviewer. The place was massive, a bit daunting but I was excited as hell! That too I felt went well, I can only wait to see what happens. #bealadandgivehimajob

    Might I just add all this running around was done in the pouring rain, but luckily I came prepared with the finest IKEA umbrella…

    Also I would like to say good luck to Matt who had interviews that day as well.

    Interviews down I could finally concentrate what I came to London for the first place! I met up Matt and Anna had a cheeky Nando’s and a visit to Topman and I was sorted for tonight. Underground to the hotel which I may add included the DLR trains not a fun thing trying to catch while in the pouring rain… Quick change and back out to head to the Design Museum.

    On arrival we got two little tokens that had a sharp resemblance to raffle tickets #makemoreeffort these were for free drinks and food, which matt clearly took full advantage of! As the night progressed we got a look at Wim Crouwel exhibition which I would definitely recommend going to, the designs that he had created in the 50’s look just as modern as the designs we see today! Crazy awesome designer… Well worth the google search.

    Come Half 9 It was finally time for the awards ceremony. There was a little speech from John McMillan (educational officer of ISTD) and the awards themselves were handed out by Erik Spiekermann, I must say he did seem like a LAD and clearly had a little something for Philippa Wood (our tutor), we all saw it. Speaking of Philippa she seemed a bit merry on the night and if your reading this Philippa, don’t deny it! Haha #redredwineUB40. All in all it was a very good night well worth the journey.

    Just to let you know Lincoln University received a total of 7 awards, so I would like to congratulate everyone who got it, well done guys.

    So what did we actually get?

    Well a piece of paper with our name on it in a cool tube. But it’s what it means that counts!

    We all also received a goody bag! So that was a little added bonus, It contained a few books/bookelts some pretty cool stuff.

    The night was rounded up with a little walk down Tower Bridge and a few drinks down the pub. #happydays

    The next day it was just a quick visit to Covent Garden, a must trip to Magma to see what new design books/magazines had hit the shelves.

    One book that caught my eye was I Love Avant Garde, apart of the I love Type Series. This is filled to the brim with beautiful typography and stunning design, I would definitely recommend this book to any avid typography lover and at £29 it’s a steal (£17.70 from Amazon which has just pissed me off). I also bought the new IdN, this issue focuses on street art and it’s pretty darn schweet #Idnbestdesignmagoutthere. All this sadly not for me… Gifts for my little bro, my new protégé in the design world. He better appreciate them the little brat!

    And just to finish it of, look what finally arrive!

    My opinion? Yeah not too bad actually… For nothing fancy, just simple printed cards I think they’re fine. With the added glossy finish, they look top notch! For £35 not much more I could ask for.

    Oh and for my ‘free’ business card holder…

    Was it worth the £6 delivery? Not at all… Looks a bit tacky with a polished finish and for £6 there’s much nicer ones out there, think I’ll stick with my Muji one thanks. 

    And I think that’s pretty much it for now… Sorry if this blog was such a long one, but I just couldn’t be arsed breaking it down, soooo yeah :)


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    I must be a professional! I have a business card sir!

    Well I finally got my business cards sorted… I ordered mine off VistaPrint cost me around £34 for 250. But the ones in the picture aren’t from VistaPrint! That’s because they don’t deliver on time! Well I might be being a bit harsh here, they were suppose to arrive today but I received no order… bad VistaPrint! Which means I would have no business cards for tomorrow events that include two interviews and an awards ceremony (I’ll do a blog about that over the weekend).

    But luckily enough as I was in Lincoln today and I went to the local printers Kall Kwik and just got a short run of 20 in preparation for tomorrows activities only £9 Bargin!

    Well tell me what you think, can you see the hidden message on the front?


    P.S If you do order from VistaPrint don’t accept the ‘free’ business card holder they slap on a £6 delivery charge, the cheeky bastards!

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    Cheers to you YCN.

    Well I haven’t blogged in a long while so I though I might as well being as it’s good news!

    Recently I have become a winner at the YCN Student Awards 2011. Got to admit it did feel nice when I saw my name.

    I won the brief set by Whyte & Mackay to get a younger market to have more awareness their infamous liqueur Glayva. My concept… ‘What’s your Glayva?’ you can check all my visuals on my website (

    But today I found this little beauty in the post.

    A letter of congratulations with some follow up about the awards ceremony. All I can say is that I can’t wait to get down there, drinks and a meal with the people who set the brief… Why not!

    Also I wasn’t the only winner for YCN from Lincoln University. Congratulations to:

    Ric Gravina. Winner of the brief set by Direct Line

    Claire Kearns. Winner of the brief set by Fedrigoni

    Matthew Crowe. Also a winner of the brief set by Fedrigoni


    Hannah Rhodes. Winner of the brief set by Tuborg

    So well done to you guys! I guess I’ll see you all down London for a cheeky drink.

    For all the information about the YCN and their awards click here.

    Cheers, TU

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    82 Awesome Product Designs!!

    A collection of innovating crazy product designs…

    Check them all out here.

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    Are you a comic sans criminal?!

    A clever little website demonstrating the horrid curse of comic sans! 

    Check it out, could you be a typographic whore? Designed by Matt Dempsey


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    "'Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.'
    - Jeffery Zeldman"
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    Now this is a manifesto!

    Manifesto ‘08 by mola and friends

    Some beautiful typography and illustrations here, I don’t even understand it (I don’t speak spanish!). But visually inspiring! Check all 13 out.

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    What’s this?!

    I actually don’t know how to use this however, I will get better I promise!! woo 1st post!

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